Thunderstorm Dream
Notes -  This was a test flight for my new HD field cam. Footage was shot from an ultralight aircraft in High Def, then downconverted to Standard Def. It was a gray drizzly morning but the mist and low hanging clouds turned out to be very cool, even tho I had to use a rain cover. I think the Bluff is amazing but seeing it from the air... ahhh, it was like a dream. Ever dream of flying? FYI: You'll have to get a permit to fly the restricted airspace over national park land. A big thanks to NPS!
Future Generations
:30 TV Ad
Notes -  This ad is one in a series of an ongoing public awareness campaign for the Wyoming Department of Agriculture. The goal is to educate the public about the threat of invasive and noxious weeds that are a serious problem in Wyoming wildlands.  Senator John Barrasso was a spokesperson for the 2009 campaign and continutes to show his support for 2010 campaign which is in production. Retired Senator Allen Simpson and his lovely wife Anne will be featured in one of the new ads which will be released in the spring of 2010.
The Historic Midwest Theater
Capital Campaign - 2003
Notes -  This was one of my very first independent projects. My camera was brand new and so was my first Avid editing system. My son plays the Bogart character and we recruited friends and local vintage car enthusiasts to participate. The police agreed to block off the street for 10 minutes while we set up for the vintage car shots. We only had time for 2 takes but really only needed one. This is one of my most memorable shoots ever. It was so much fun! I love working with actors.

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Now Screening in The Cave

Mark Overman for Sheriff
:30 Television Ad - 2010
Notes - Its been a while since I worked on a political campaign ad. I was delighted when Mark called me to produce this ad for  him in his bid for Sheriff of Scotts Bluff County.  I, like many others in this community have enormous respect for Mark and appreciate his service in law enforcement.  Good luck Mark!

Imagine from Becky McMillen on Vimeo.

Imagine a small town in western Nebraska where everyone knows your name. Main Street is the place to be… unless there’s a football game at the high school. The hardware store is locally owned and so is the coffee shop down the street. You can walk there and wave to your neighbors on the way. The sad part of the story is that this way of life may soon be nothing but a memory. Young people are leaving western Nebraska and most will not return. Now imagine a place where people of all ages are working together to shape the future of their community. Imagine a Panhandle P-16 Project.